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The headquarters of Tongding Group islocated in Wujiang district of Jiangsu, a cable industry base under NationalTorch Program of China in the boundary of Jiangsu , Zhejiang and Shanghai.Influenced by local customs and lived by Taihu Lake, the people there areoutstanding and environment is beautiful.

Tongding Group, incorporated in 1999, has18 entity type business units including holding subsidiaries, and for manyyears has been selected Top 500 private Enterprises of China, Top 500Competitiveness of China, Top 500 Manufacturing of China, Top 500 Machinery ofChina, Chian 500 Most Valuable Brands, Top 100 Electronic InformationEnterprise of China, Top 50 Communication Equipment Suppliers of China, Top 10Most Competitive Enterprise in China Optical Fiber and Cable Industry, Top 100Private Enterprise of Jiangsu, as well as get the credit honors like ChinaFamous Brand Product, Key High-tech Enterprise of National Torch Plan,Excellent Private Science and Technology Enterprise of China, Large Taxpayer ofJiangsu Private Enterprise, etc. ‘TDGD ‘ is authorized China Well-knownTrademark. Jiangsu Tongding Optic-Electronic Co., Ltd. which is one of the coreenterprises of Tongding Group was successfully listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.(StockCode:002491)

Tongding Group insist on the strategicdevelopment direction of ‘unified in major, appropriate diversification’ andkeep a foothold on ‘Tongding Science and Technology Industrial Park ‘ in Zhenzetown and ‘Tongding Optical Communication Industrial Park ‘ in Wujiang high and new technology development zone. Tongding has been the biggest industry scale,the most complete product specifications, the most advanced productiontechnology in nowadays national optical-power cables manufacturing field, whichformed the business sectors like optical fiber preform and optical fiber,communication optical cable, copper cable transmission, optical materials,optical fiber sensor, communication equipment, real estate, mobile internetservice, new energy, high precision equipments, etc and complete industrychain. Tongding provide optical-power cables with high quality, solutions andtechnical service for customers at home and abroad.

Tongding has established several state-level or provincial level research centers like National EnterpriseTechnology Center, National Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station,Academician Workstation, Jiangsu Tongding Optcal Fiber Sensor TechnologyProject Center, Jiangsu Tongding Optical Fiber Project Technology R&D Center,Jiangsu Optical Communication Material Key Laboratory, Suzhou Tongding OpticalFiber and Preform Technology Research Institute. What’s more, Tongding builtlong-term and stable cooperation relationships with 18 universities and research institute, like Renmin University of China, Nanjing University and soon.

Tongding adhere to the talent strategywhich not only attracting a group of renowned experts and senior technicalpersonnel at home and abroad but also many graduates so that formed theinnovative talent team.

Tongding pay back society at the same timeof rapid development. Chairman Shen Xiaoping believe in that only the peopleoften do good things can do things better. He takes charity as his second career and takes off 5-10% enterprise profit for public welfare. Tongding setup Tongding Love Fund, Tongding Scholarship, Patients Rescue Fund and lend ahelping hand when happen natural disasters. At the end of 2013, Tongding hasdonated more than 400 million to social welfare and charities.


Tongding pursue high quality product andservice for customers. With the history mission of   fulfilling the social responsibility andpromoting social civilization progress, Tongding will adhere to the spirit of one step a footprint and grasp the opportunity in communication industry tobuild one hundred Tongding brand and take responsibility for national industry.

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